Brush Claw


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Why pay someone else to improve your property when you can purchase a BRUSH CLAW and use your own tractor or skid-steer!!

Remove Ceder trees, Sumac, Blackberries, Green-briers, Salt-cedar, Mesquite, Yucca and any other small, unwanted vegetation with ease.

The Brush Claw is another option to the problem that has plagued the Rancher and Farmer for years. How to solve the problem with unwanted vegetation and cedar removal on their property is now available.

Landowners can now purchase a BRUSH CLAW attachment for their tractor or skid-steer and remove Cedar and unwanted vegetation at their convenience. With the invention of the
BRUSH CLAW, this now gives the landowner the ability to clean his own property without hiring an expensive dozer or tree saw to do the job or being put on a waiting list for someone else to do what the Farmer or Rancher can now do themselves at any time.  The BRUSH CLAW will allow the landowner to remove unwanted vegetation while keeping desirable vegetation such as native grasses to thrive and restore land to it's native condition.  Also,  with the purchase of the BRUSH CLAW, you would avoid having to continually pay someone to return and remove vegetation as it grows back, it is a one-time cost because the landowner now OWNS  the equipment to remove unwanted vegetation.

Price/Mock Enterprises LLC    Asher, Oklahoma          
Patent# 9243690

Made in USA

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